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Invitation to the Blues

Title: Invitation to the Blues Author: Roan Parrish Time: Now MCs: MM SubGenre: Contemporary Romance Themes: Mental Disorders, Love, Acceptance of Self, Starting Over Summary: Continuing from Small Change 1, Christopher's brother Jude, tries to find himself again after years of battling Depression, Anxiety issues, a suicide attempt and a terrible relationship. He meets Farron... Continue Reading →

Jack of Thorns

Title: Jack of Thorns Author: Amelia Faulkner Time: Now MCs: MM SubGenre: Paranormal/Psychic Themes: Young love, Faith, Acceptance and Self-Worth Summary: A florist with a touch of psychic gifts summons a being claiming to be his god. As he begins to learn about his gifts which come from a divine inheritance, he also meets the... Continue Reading →

Cask Strength

Title: Cask Strength Author: Layla Reyne Time: Now MCs: M/M SubGenre: Cybercrime/Detective Themes: Cybercrime, Investigation, Second Chance at Love and True Partnership Summary: Irish and Whiskey are called to put their lives on the line again as they start a race against time, attempting to shut down an illegal betting ring before it destroys the... Continue Reading →

Single Malt

Title: Single Malt Author: Layla Reine Time: Now MCs: MM SubGenre: Detective/Thriller Summary: Two gorgeous men are thrown together in the worst circumstances but love seems determined to catch up with them regardless of how either of them feels about it. What I Think: Aidan has stayed away from work for 8 months recovering both... Continue Reading →

Unashamed Fan 1

Welcome to the first post in the category called Unashamed Fan. This is just an excuse to drool over all book related things like my fav authors, fav book covers etc as much as I want without looking er...perhaps, a tad, stalker..ish? I'll be starting with the book covers that absolutely make me weak at... Continue Reading →

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