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Natural Enemies

Title: Natural Enemies Author: Roan Parrish Time: Now MCs: M/M SubGenre: Contemporary Romance Themes : Self-realisation and Acceptance, Home and Contentment Summary: A botanist finds himself drawn to another botanist from an opposing side of his field. As he gives in to curiosity, desire blooms creating the need for more which drives him into accepting... Continue Reading →

The Lovesong of Sawyer Bell

    Author: Avon Gale Time: Current/Contemporary MCs: F/F Subgenre: LGBT Themes: Music, Awakening Sexuality, Coming Out and Finding Love Summary: A young student of classical music joins an upcoming indie band in her need to re-discover her love for music. Not only does she come to terms with her sexuality but she finds a... Continue Reading →

Heart Of The Steal

  Author: Roan Parrish Time: Current MCs: M/M Subgenre: Contemporary Themes: Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, Change and Compromise for Love Summary: A stinkingly rich philanthropist who lives in grey areas and believes in bending if not breaking the rules becomes bent on getting the only man he has ever found fascinating. Only problem? His... Continue Reading →

In the Middle of Somewhere

Title: In the Middle of Somewhere Author: Roan Parrish Time: Current MCs: M/M Subgenre: Romance Themes: Personal Growth, Learning Process, Meaning of Love, Compatibility Summary: Daniel is a beautiful man who carries a lot of pain in his heart. Growing up bullied by his siblings and father because of his sexuality and bookish nature has... Continue Reading →

Fast Connection

Authors: Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell Time: Current MCs: M/M Subgenre: Contemporary Cyber Space Themes: New Beginnings, Online Relationships, Family, Responsibility and Coming out of the closet Summary: A staff Sargent that we all despise decides to explore his bisexuality after leaving the army. He finds an online app that he signs up with and... Continue Reading →

Chasing Destiny

Author: Megan Erickson Time: Future/Post-Apocalyptic MCs: M/M Subgenre: Paranormal Fantasy Themes: Trust, Mating, Guilt, Bonding, Healing, and Family Summary: Bay never got over Nate as he was always certain they belonged together.Years later, fate brings them together in an unexpected way. But Nate is damaged in ways Bay never expected and doesn't even know yet.... Continue Reading →


Author: Tal Bauer Time: In the near future MCs: M/M Subgenre: Contemporary Themes: Honor, Loyalty, Endurance, Courage, Love Summary: The lovers endure a series of trials as they try to keep their love alive under the eyes of a very harsh unforgiving and unbending world. This is to be their first Christmas together. What I... Continue Reading →

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