Strong Signal


Author(s) : Megan Erikson, Santino Hassell
Time: Current
MCs: M/M
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Cyber Space
Themes: Taking Chances, Courage, Determination, Following The Heart
Summary: A soldier on another continent finds a gaymer online and begins to fall for him. Little does he know that it’s a journey that will find him and that gaymer uprooting themselves to merge their lives.
What I think: This book was in my first 5 Santino books but it’s one that endeared him and Megan to me. I am one of those people that don’t believe anything that happens online can be real but I began to see cyber love from a different view. As Kai and Garett fall for each other, sharing their lives across seas and continents, the connection they have is so strong that we expect great things from them and they don’t disappoint. They each change their lives significantly to be together and it is worth it. They both turn out to be much sweeter than we ever thought. Kai is almost innocent (until we get to the sex scenes. Fiery!). Garett is such a born protector that it is no wonder he went into the army. In Africa, we say ‘who wan die don meet person wey go kill am’. Literally meaning the person that seeks death has met the person that will kill him. Figuratively meaning, when perfection comes together. We are moved by Kai’s fears and troubles as much as we love the force of nature that is Garett. We love how they don’t waste their time or ours in realizing what they mean to each other. The angst is almost non-existent because there are real problems at hand. The author’s handling of social anxiety issues is so loving, almost delicate and it makes us more aware of mental illnesses like this while briging out the mama bear in us all. This is a couple that found what they both needed and decided to hold on to it with both hands. It will become one of your comfort reads. It will change the way you look at online dating forever. But above all, it will make you wonder if you can ever be this brave for love.
Verdict: Comfort read for apocalyptic days with a side of fire!


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