Welcome to the Quille and Lampe!

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This is a very recent idea that was planted by my bestie who happens to be the bestest bestie that ever bested! I had never thought of doing book reviews until she opened my eyes to interacting with my fav authors which was when I started doing reviews. I can’t thank her enough. I hope you’ll like my reviews enough to thank her some day too.

I fell in love with books when I was a kid and my mum says I was blitzing through the dictionary by the age of 5 (I thought I’d grow to be a genius but hope lies eternal). I didn’t come across romance novels till I was about 11 though and it was love at first read, even through the Mills and Boons series. Those books did for my vocabulary and imagination what years of art class and English classes could not do. So, here I am!

The Quille and Lampe is a romance novel review blog that will cover romance novels across the sub-genres and sexualities. I want to create a space for true lovers of love who know that love, in all its forms, is beautiful. There is no place for hate in this space and if you can’t stand that, kindly move on. Life is too short for us to spend our precious time hating when we can read romance!

I will share my fav authors with you and fangirl like crazy over them so please join me. We all have authors we are a bit rabid over and there ain’t no shame in that!

I also hope to share with you my travails as I go from a loving romance novel addict to a lovable author. Yes, you get to suffer through this with me too.

But above all, this is a book review blog for all lovers of romance by a romance addict! Can’t wait to meet you all!!


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