A Time To Rise

Author: Tal Bauer
Time: Current
MCs: M/M
Sub-Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Themes: Change, Ultimate Sacrifice, Religious Faith
Summary: A modern day Templar finds love in an unexpected place while fighting unholy evil after almost dying to preserve a past love.
What I think: I have to admit that I am addicted to paranormal romance. I have read very few that I didn’t love so I admit I may be biased in my opinion (Tal is also one of my fav authors so there).
This book starts with action in true fashion of the great Tal Bauer. Step into the world of descendants of the Templars guarding the royal see and all the politics that go with it. We join Alain and Lotario as they hunt and take down a revenant. We become confused as we see the dislike and hatred that his fellow knights have for him, especially Luca. We don’t know why the hell they react like this around him but we do want to close ranks against them. Sigh as he develops a crush for his mentee so fast that even we are surprised when it turns into a well of deep feelings. Love, at first sight, is a real thing. You’ll fall in love with Alain and his protective yet dedicated heart. Hate Chris as he seems to be an asshole for no other reason than he wants to be. But that crackly exterior gives way to a marshmallow heart capable of going the distance. My bestie says that it’s not the HEA that makes romance novels interesting as we expect them to have one. It is the journey that takes us to that HEA that makes it fascinating. Tal has made this journey vivid and striking, filled with unforgettable characters. I have never wished to go to Rome but Tal’s succinct descriptions make me want to walk these paths myself because I have seen them so clearly in my mind’s eye. His respect for religion is seen in his frank yet tactful handling of an otherwise prickly subject, lending us to have not only respect, but even awe for the Holy See. The loving is as natural and lust-filled as it is sweet but is not the focal point. Alain makes huge sacrifices, one of them so big that it tells you the kind of love this man is capable of and makes you want to cover him up in bubble wrap to keep him safe. Chris’ ability to roll with life’s punches as they come shows the extraordinary courage that even he doesn’t know his capacity for. Lotario is the perfect friend and mentor. Pushing the right buttons, being loyal and brave to the last. Despite his crabby surface, here is a man whose word is his bond. I do hope we get a sequel with a love story for Lotario. I would love to see his reaction when he finds love. I found the ending a bit untimely for my liking but on introspection, realized that it’s because these amazing men have become so real to me that I need to have more of them. Again I ask, how the hell do we turn this into a movie?
Verdict – Tissues, seatbelt, and defibrillator are needed to read this!


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