Daring Fate


Daring Fate



Author: Megan Erickson
Time: A Different Realm
MCs: M/M
Sub-Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Themes: Mating, Family, Finding a Home and Contentment
Summary: A young man trying to escape from a bad situation ends up at the mercy of a rival clan who’s Alpha he’s heard so many terrible rumors about. His life takes a very sudden turn when said Alpha turns out to be his true mate.
What I think: This is the first paranormal tale by Megan that I read and it held me spellbound! Reese’ story is so awful that tears dripped down my face as he tried to protect his younger brother Jude. When he and Dare meet for the first time, I want to throw myself over him and Jude to protect them from this Alpha who I’m certain is going to be a mean bastard.
I was almost afraid of the raw sexuality and need that burns between them because I was afraid that it was going to be entirely one-sided with Reese getting the worst of it. But that first lovemaking session not only made me need a fan, it removed all my fears and I settled in for a merry ride. Reese proves himself capable of handling anything and intelligent enough to keep his wits about him. He is also much more vulnerable than his tart tongue and stubborn nature might reveal. As Dare cares for him, he blooms and I was so happy to join him in the hope that this time, fate might have done something right. It is sad though to watch Reese fall for a man that he has to lie to and so many times I shook my poor tablet in the hopes that I could get Reese to do the right thing and just tell Dare the truth.
It’s so easy to love Dare. He’s powerful and scary but that is tempered by the genuine care he has for his entire clan and the love he has for those he calls his own. He also has a deep well of loyalty and is a family man through and through. He is definitely one of the sexiest fathers in paranormal tales and will leave you needing some ice to cool down.
I knew without a doubt that he would follow Reese on that rescue mission but my heart broke for them both because I didn’t know if they would be able to fix things. My heart ached as Dare fought himself then became resigned to losing Reese. After all, how do you hold onto a man who’s always dreamt of freedom? A man who has spent a lifetime protecting his siblings and wants nothing more than to return to the last real home he ever knew?
But how does Reese choose between his duty and almost fatherly love for his siblings and the love of a mate he never expected to have but can’t let go off?
This journey was worth every tear, every palpitation and heat induced by those sex senes. This author definitely has a wicked streak and it shows through but we aren’t surprised. She writes those sinful tales with Santino Hassell afterall so we kinda already knew, right?
The fight scene at the end is so detailed, so vivid that you can almost reach out and touch the combatants because trust me, you will want to strangle that Gage.
Daring Fate is a fairytale as much as it is a homecoming for a prince. It will worry you, soothe you, excite you, remind you why family isn’t made up of only blood but love and tears. And the end will leave you whooping for joy (I may or may not have done a jig on my bed).
Verdict: I confused you and left you with more questions than answers, right? Good. Read it. Then keep it, just so you can read all the erm… erm…action again.


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