Permanent Ink

Permanent Ink


Authors: Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn
Time: Now
MCs: M/M
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: May/December, Companionship, Compatibility, Respect, and Friendship
Summary: A young man whose only real interest is drawing graffiti, finds himself falling in lust with his father’s friend who offers him a job to pay a debt forward. Things quickly turn complicated.
What I think: I love May/December romances (might because of a……fine! Mature people are just so much more beautiful and attractive. Doesn’t mean I have an age kink). Anyway, most times these sort of romances tend to have an awkwardness that adds a cute side to them. But this book isn’t cute. It’s short and straight to the point with 2 of the most honest characters around. Poe wants Jericho and he goes for it. The sparks really fly especially as they discover that their sexual tastes run along the same lines. It is refreshing to watch as their lust grows with the respect they gain for each other. It’s balancing to see how Poe’s youth is perfectly complemented by Jericho’s maturity. They change each other subtly but by the end of it, you get this feeling of continuity, not because they are a match made in heaven, but because you know they are both committed to making things work and are willing to put in the work.
There is only one problem here: Why oh why did you mention the paddle scene just in passing? Miss Gale, Miss Vaughn, kindly answer this very important question, you evil teasers!
Verdict: A sweet and spicy well balanced, flowy read that will have you wishing for more when it ends.


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