Chasing Destiny

Chasing Destiny


Author: Megan Erickson
Time: Future/Post-Apocalyptic
MCs: M/M
Subgenre: Paranormal Fantasy
Themes: Trust, Mating, Guilt, Bonding, Healing, and Family
Summary: Bay never got over Nate as he was always certain they belonged together.Years later, fate brings them together in an unexpected way. But Nate is damaged in ways Bay never expected and doesn’t even know yet. But Bay will fight, in every way he knows, for this love because he knows this is their destiny.
What I think: Let’s consider what we expected from this book after reading Daring Fate (oooh, didn’t read Daring Fate? Evil cackle). Filthy yet loving sex. The kind of love that takes hold of you and keeps you in its grip. Action as bad guys get their just desserts and good beats the crap out of evil. Characters that make you cry and laugh at 2am in the morning. Does it deliver all the above? Yes, yes, it does.
Then Megan decides to blow our minds. Filthy yet loving sex. I mean animalistic, it’s so gross it’s good, return to base nature, primitive, utterly filthy sexy. It should be a turn-off, but instead is as liberating for the MCs as it is for us readers.
Nash’s narrative comes in at the exact point where I’m burning to know what he’s thinking in the midst of this whirlwind that is Bay. That double POV gives us such a 360-degree view that increases the satisfaction we get. Double the POV, double the pleasure (shouldn’t this be the tagline for a sex toy somewhere?). Bay should be the irresponsible one but he turns out to be the strong one. Hoping against hope and throwing himself at walls that sometimes include Nash. He came, he saw, he went to war, he conquered and took 2 prizes home. Nash is such a mess that we are almost tempted to let him rest eternally. Like, just put him out of his misery. But Nash is perfect in his tortured angst. He knows he’s messed up and is so realistic that we love him for it. I can’t even resist. They are so right for each other that we don’t care that they aren’t true mates (don’t know the difference? Haven’t read Daring Fate, have you? More evil cackles). In fact, at the point when Nash finally says they deserve each other, we rolled our eyes and replied: “way ahead of you, Bro.”
It’s a perfectly balanced meld that proves a theory that’s always been dear to my heart – a little bit of everything makes a perfect whole. The relationships that find that delicate balance between love, lust, companionship, and duty are the ones that last forever.
Chasing Destiny reminds us that fate does have a role in our lives but there are times we need to follow it, stalk it, fight it and wait for it while being true to ourselves.
So, Madam Meg, darling, Jude and G? Vaughn, Pace and Cati? We promise we’re not picky. We just want to know everything.
Verdict: I don’t care that you don’t read paranormal, (even though, really? how savage are you?), you need this book yesterday!


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