Fast Connection



Authors: Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell
Time: Current
MCs: M/M
Subgenre: Contemporary Cyber Space
Themes: New Beginnings, Online Relationships, Family, Responsibility and Coming out of the closet
Summary: A staff Sargent that we all despise decides to explore his bisexuality after leaving the army. He finds an online app that he signs up with and almost immediately, lands himself a true silver fox. But, there is more to both of them than meets the eye with more complications than either of them could imagine.
What I think: MegTino are back at it again and this evil duo has given us another melt in your mouth, heartthrob inducing tale! Don’t believe that they could top Strong Signal? Hnm let’s see!
1st, let’s face it – Nicky’s behavior in Strong Signal made him an obnoxious arsehole. I was so certain he had those issues because he’s really gay and agreed completely with Garrett that he’d be a bottom. We so called it! What we didn’t expect though was that he would turn out to be a loving son, protective big brother and unbearably vulnerable. As his affair with Luke grows, I find myself getting more upset with Luke than with Nicky. Nicky is a darling who wears his heart on his sleeve and Luke put him through some unnecessary things that hurt me so bad. Unfortunately, Luke’s current situation and his experiences during DADT left me understanding his choices, albeit reluctantly.
But what I didn’t expect was the level of commitment, resolve, effort and desire these two would bring to their relationship. The whole tale is a merry chase as first Nicky chases Luke, Luke chases him back only for them to chase the other away then Luke mans up and goes to get him. As they navigate the minefield of raising teenagers, going from online hookup to lovers, then partners in real-life and even coming out of the closet, you will laugh, squirm during the incredibly hot sex scenes, get angry at them both in turns, resign yourself to the danger looming in front of them, only to have the satisfaction of things being set right. I burst out laughing at the end because I was content and utterly satiated.
The most rewarding part was watching as Luke came undone for this man. Considering how he’d been at the beginning, I was deeply pleased to watch his walls come crashing down and see his reaction as he realized how much he wants Nicky, who happens to have a wicked sense of humor!
Verdict: This is one of the most satisfying books you’ll read. From beginning to end, it will leave you book drunk and content!


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