Author: Tal Bauer
Time: In the near future
MCs: M/M
Subgenre: Contemporary
Themes: Honor, Loyalty, Endurance, Courage, Love
Summary: The lovers endure a series of trials as they try to keep their love alive under the eyes of a very harsh unforgiving and unbending world. This is to be their first Christmas together.
What I think: First, let me say that I was afraid Jack being new to all this was going to have so many issues as soon as Ethan wasn’t by his side 24/7 (new to all what, you ask? Go read the prequel *evil laugh ensues*). But Jack wows me with his constancy as Ethan wows me with his honor. Accepting the distance that comes with their coming out to the world and struggles to keep a long distance relationship going shows us that truly all vibrant relationships are a constant work in progress. The support that they both give each other in their separate lives is inspiring (I want!).
Please, allow me to talk about the love-making in this book. Every author that writes a lovemaking scene wants it to be spine-tingling, mouth-watering and leg trembling inducing. The truth is, only a few do but this book is one of the greats. The lovemaking will make you cry, make you laugh, make you crave, make you a part of this intimacy that Tal creates. Not forgetting the kiss of the ages. Gave me goosebumps to read. Giving me the same as I write this. I totally agree with Ethan when he said all other great kisses should step aside. (Ushering other kisses off – this way, please!) This kiss, damn, this kiss!
Tal solidifies his characters, filling out their roles and their lives until somehow, they become even more real than in the prequel. Interlude will be a comfort read for so many of us, especially for couples who find themselves under the strain of long distance relationships. Ethan’s honor and strength, his faith in Jack will remind you of all the reasons we seek love and sometimes pay such a high price for it. Jack’s stability, love, and positivism will give you the courage to take a chance on love no matter what form it comes in. The courage that they both show in the face of unforgiving censure will shame those of us that abandoned our loves without fighting.
When Ethan finally gives in and goes to take his place by Jack’s side, we are so ready for it because even we are tired of being apart from Jack. There’s no Ethan or Jack that can be complete alone. The satisfaction at the end of this tale is better than a long (Island) iced tea on a scorching day in Dakar!
Verdict: Not to exaggerate, you need this book in your life. It will comfort you like no other!


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