Heart Of The Steal

HOTS Image



Author: Roan Parrish

Time: Current
MCs: M/M
Subgenre: Contemporary
Themes: Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, Change and Compromise for Love
Summary: A stinkingly rich philanthropist who lives in grey areas and believes in bending if not breaking the rules becomes bent on getting the only man he has ever found fascinating. Only problem? His man is a cop who lives in solid black and white areas.
What I think: This is a story that proves everything I have ever believed about opposites attracting. I first came across the notion in my mid-teens and at first, it didn’t make any sense. But in the years that followed, I finally found out why it’s true. It’s true because deep down inside, the opposites have or wish to have the same ideals. Doesn’t make sense? Vaughn breaks the law while still respecting those that keep it because he knows that He wouldn’t be able to trust or love someone who is exactly like him. He needs the stability that his opposite will give him. Fox is a law-keeper and a stickler for keeping the rules and order. But by the 4th chapter, we all realize that he needs the decadence and fripperies that only Vaughn can give him. In fact, by the time Charlie tells him he is in danger of turning into their father, we are so relieved that somebody spoke some sense into him (even though I didn’t want to speak sense into him. I wanted to smack him then fling him at Vaughn saying, “he needs you!”)
The compatibility between these 2 is so great that we willingly acknowledge the fact that either of them on their own would be seen as assholes. But against the backdrop of Fox, Vaughn becomes this enchanting, realistic, worldly-wise and charming person. (You know, like that boyfriend you never knew you needed but now that you have him, you can’t live without him and don’t even know how you survived all these years without him? )
Seen through the eyes of Vaughn, Fox loses his rigidity and becomes innocent, almost naive but with a refreshing honesty that lends him a peculiar sweetness that’s all his own. The dance to love between these two is like poetry in motion. As they compromise to fit into each other’s lives, accepting the things they can’t change while changing the things they can, we are left so vulnerable and raw that when Vaughn asks Fox to make love to him to show that they’ll be alright, we need it. And when Fox pleads with Vaughn to stop all nefarious activities cause he now knows what it’s like to be without him then admits he was scared, we are ready to bodyguard Vaughn to ensure he stays on the straight and narrow just so Fox never goes through that again.
My Verdict: A must read that might leave you hungover for days!


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