The Duke and The Dany

Author: Zakarrie Clark

Time: Historical


Sub-Genre: Historical Romance; Erotic Romance

Themes: Carving one’s path; Disguise; Marriage of Convenience; Erotica; Love at first sight

Summary: His Most Potent Highness is bored out of his mind even as he knows that society expects things he can never have. He doesn’t expect the answer to all his dreams, fantasies and troubles to accost him on a highway.

What I Think: This was a beautiful intro to an amazing Authoress! It’s bad enough that I’m a total sucker for historicals and erotica but when combined perfectly? Implosion! I loved this book so much that I spent a week dipping into it again and again (let’s not mention that I read it from beginning to end twice immediately) because I was slain. From the first page, it delivered well-written dialogue that sucked me in. From the moment out heroes met, there are sparks and fireworks sizzling through the air and my veins. I felt almost sorry for Mr. Highwayman because the Potent Prince is a law unto himself with his own gravitational pull and a mind like a titanium trap. A 3-part novel, it gives us lust and desire as the magnet that brings 2 seemingly opposing worlds together and winding them ever tighter. The 2-person POV gives such a well-rounded view that’s oh so satisfactory, turning the lovemaking into erotica that teases out your voyeuristic tendencies as you go on this journey with the highest stakes: everything or nothing at all! I’ve read it more times than I would like to admit and yet, not enough times. I still laughed too many times at Raff of the Rookeries as I urged the Potent Prince on as he proceeded to drive Raff out of his mind. With all the right twists and turns, the right amount of vulnerabilities and impossible solutions, this tale is a big, fat, juicy hook! I don’t mean to tread in Oliver Twist’s footsteps but, Ma’am, would you please give us a short depicting a bit of their lives after the quartet got married? Perhaps on a trip to Italy? Anything at all would be accepted humbly with the most gratitude!

Verdict? Truly satiating and a keeper for the comfort shelves. By the way, if you notice a developing and persistent hankering for luxuriously endless legs, cast the blame right here!

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